The Medical Tablet By M-tag comes with native apps that make EMS systems easy to manage

The M-TAG Software Development team has already built an EMS system on windows 8.1 for it.

If you order the medical tablet you will get the system and the OS along with other native apps for medical application.

Education is key and this particular key can open all doors.

The educational tablet by M-tag is an all purpose learning machine!

The Core M is a beauty in terms of appearence but its a beast when coming to performance , Before you buy a personal laptop, test drive the core M. It comes pre installed with windows 8.1 and is physically detachable from the keyboard.

M-TAG's gaming machine , android powered gaming machine that makes gaming accessibility an easy and mobile experience . If you ever want to have some fun, swing by at m-tag

M-TAG is a central hub IT solutions and training.
M-TAG's Medical Tablet
For EMS and ER convenience.
Educational Tablet
With windows powered apps.
M-TAG's Signature Tablet
The core M tablet by M-Tag
M-TAG's Gaming Tablet
android powered gaming machine.
Tablet Orders

M-Tag training

M-Tag is an IT solutions company on fire, we want to educate and prosper IT individuals.

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Hardware Solutions

M-TAG manufactures hardware for solutions that are unlike what is in the market.

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Software Division

We have a software division in for native app and business custom development.

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M-Tag Energy-backpackIt'll blow your mind.

This is a charging backpack that can charge your device using stored energy, it is available for bulk order and can multiple devices.

Gaming tablet M-TAG

This is the M-TAG fully featured gaming tablet.


This is the Sophia phone, powered by either windows 8.1 or android.

Medical tablet by M-TAG

Today we have the privilege of providing health care services in an automated way.

The core-m machine


The core M machine is our signature machine

The M-TAG gaming tablet.

For Gamers with style

The M-TAG Sophia smart-phone

Sophia means "wisdom" and like the name suggests this is one smart machine

Medical Tablet by M-TAG

M-TAG's software division has an EMS CAD system that runs on these tablets

This is the Core M machine, M-TAG's signature machine

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M-Tag's Educational Tablet stylish and evolutionary learning.

The educational tablet is not so by name only, it comes packed with lots of brilliant apps and specs that are most suitable for convenient learning.

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And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

The core M is M-TAG's signature machine, it is detachable from the keyboard and comes with the windows 8.1 operating system

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